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Need clothing for backpacking, climbing, hiking, ice climbing, skiing, or snowshoeing? Maybe you are tired of wearing that same old shirt and pants out every weekend to the Pub. Whatever you're doing, Climb High's online outlet has a wide selection of clothing and accessories, at great prices, to fit your needs.

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  1. Westcomb Tango Hoody - Black
    Westcomb Tango Hoody - Black

    Westcomb: Tango Hoody


    Westcomb Tango Hoody combines a feather-weight and durable Pertex Equilibrium shell for wind and water protection, with a Polartec® Alpha® insulating layer for heat retention, the Tango is the union of complimenting technologies that breathe as your intensity rises. From start to finish, the perfect compan- ion for the most active cold weather backcountry and climbing pursuits. Learn More
  2. Westcomb Switch Hoody - Avatar Blue
    Westcomb Switch Hoody - Avatar Blue

    WESTCOMB: Switch LT Hoddy


    The Westcomb Switch LT Hoody is the ultimate Alpine Jacket. Made with NeoShell® award winning fabric, the Switch Hoody combines the best of a softshell (breathability) with the best of hardshells (water/wind proof) into one jacket. Westcomb made sure no unnecessary ounces where aded to the Switch, by sliming down pockets and extras. Two Neapolitan pockets (harness/pack friendly) give you exactly the storage you need. Learn More
  3. Acid

    Westcomb: Specter LT Hoody


    Looking for the Lightest Rain Jacket? Westcomb Specter LT Hoody is your answer. Weighing less than what you stuff in your pockets (11oz), the Specter Lt is the Lightest 3 ply full zip eVent® on the market. The featherweight, breathable, waterproof shell will always find a spot in your pack. No more getting caught in a down pour because you didn't want to bring your rain jacket. Learn More
  4. Westcomb Shift LT Hoody - Alpine Red
    Westcomb Shift LT Hoody - Alpine Red

    Westcomb: Shift Hoody NeoShell Jacket


    Westcomb's Shift Hoody Hardhell Jacket is the lightest Polartec Neoshell Jacket on the market. The Shift Hoody gives you the breathability and stretch of a softshell with the protection of a hardshell against the elements. Designed to be extremely light, weighing only 11 oz, there's no reason to not pack this shell. Bottom line: It's light, functional, breathable and made in North America. Nuff said. Learn More
  5. Westcomb Revenant Jacket - Alpine Red
    Westcomb Revenant Jacket - Alpine Red

    WESTCOMB: Revenant Hardshell Jacket


    The Westscomb Revenant Jacket is the perfect jacket for those looking for adventure. Made with innovativeschoeller® C_Change® and eVent® fabric, Westcomb provides an incredibly waterproof yet breathable jacket for the rugged alpine environment. Proudly made In Canada. Learn More
  6. Westcomb Ozone Hoody - Seaport
    Westcomb Ozone Hoody - Seaport

    Westcomb: Ozone Hoody


    Westcomb Ozone Hoody is the perfect fleece for year round warmth. Made from Polartec Power Stretch Pro, layered or by it self the Ozone Hoody will keep you warm and dry. Learn More
  7. Westcomb Orb Top Jacket - Seaport
    Westcomb Orb Top Jacket - Seaport

    Westcomb: Orb Top Jacket


    Westcomb Orb Jacket is the perfect fleece for year round warmth. Made from Polartec Power Stretch Pro, layered or by it self the Orb Hoody will keep you warm and dry. Learn More
  8. Redrock

    WESTCOMB: Mirage Jacket


    Westcomb Mirage has the style to go out on the down yet still be your go to backcountry jacket. The Mirage Jacket is made with ultra waterproof/breathable eVent® fabric. Look sharp, stay dry. Proudly made In Canada Learn More
  9. Westcomb Focus LT Hoody - Imperal Blue
    Westcomb Focus LT Hoody - Imperal Blue

    Westcomb: Focus LT Hoody


    Westcomb Focus LT Hoody is the newest ultra-light weight. Made from eVents DVL 2 layer fabric, the Westcomb Focus Hoody weighs a scant 8.9 oz. Made to withstand the toughest conditions, the Focus LT Hoody is highly breathable fully water and wind proof. Perfect for you Rain Jacket and your Ice Climbing Shell. Learn More
  10. Cinder

    WESTCOMB: Cruiser Pants


    Westcomb Cruiser Pants are great when wet conditions are expected, pack space is tight, and weight matters, reach for the rugged Cruiser LT, and hit the trail. Designed with long treks in mind, these waterproof-breathable eVent® pants guarantee protection from the elements with unsurpassed breathability making them a necessary component of any backpacker's rainwear collection. Whether hiking through dew covered meadows, or trekking along a mountain ridge during a warm summer rainstorm, the lightweight, packable Cruiser LT provides all the wet weather protection you need with an unrestrictive fit. - The wind and water proof, breathable 560NST eVent® nylon fabric construction, locks out the elements while letting excess heat and moisture escape; keeping critical areas of your lower torso dry. - Micro-taped seams ensure waterproof integrity throughout the entire piece. Its minimalist design reduces weight, without compromising necessary features for your day's journey. - Up top, the adjustable velour-lined waist with belt ensures a comfortable, sure fit. - At the hips, separating side zippers open to provide extra ventilation and allow for a convenient drop-seat design when nature inevitably calls. - At the ankles, the Velcro® cuffs will cinch down around your boot-gaiters locking out unwanted moisture. And when the sky clears, the pants compress down to a space saving form to stow away in your pack. You won't notice they're there, until the rainy moment you need them. Learn More
  11. Alpine Red
    Alpine Red

    WESTCOMB: Cruiser LT Jacket


    Don't let bad weather change your summer plans! Westcomb Cruiser LT Jacket will protect you from the elements while your on your epic adventure. Made from ultra waterproof-breathable eVent fabric, the Cruiser LT Jacket is one of the lightest rain jackets on the market. The Cruiser Jacket will be a must have in your pack. Learn More
  12. Westcomb Crest Hoody - Flame
    Westcomb Crest Hoody - Flame

    Westcomb: Crest Hoody


    Westcomb Crest Hoody is the minimalist dream. Super Light but incredibly wind resistant. Made from Pertex Equilibruim fabric, the Crest hoody is perfect for summer and fall activities where you just need a light windproof jacket. Learn More
  13. Westcomb Boreal Top - Electric
    Westcomb Boreal Top - Electric

    Westcomb: Boreal Top


    Westcomb Boreal Top is a light technical fleece layer. The the half-zip Boreal top’s Polartec® WindPro® construction has 4 times the wind protection of traditional fleece. The soft waffle-faced interior provides increased breath- ability, keeping you warm and dry during any intense cold weather activity. Learn More
  14. Westcomb Apoc - Avatar Blue
    Westcomb Apoc - Avatar Blue

    WESTCOMB: Apoc Jacket


    Westcomb Apoc Jacket is an active alpine jacket generously decked out for your next expedition without weighing you down. Featuring Polartec® NeoShell® its soft hand and comfort stretch performs continuously with no performance compromise. Tightly woven face and exclusive NeoShell® membrane offers unparalleled water protection and breathability to keep you on the move. Learn More
  15. NEW
    Westcomb Tasman Crew T-Shirt - Black
    Westcomb Tasman Crew T-Shirt - Black

    Westcomb: Men's Tasman Crew T-Shirt


    The Westcomb Tasman Crew is a stylish, light weight tee. One of Westomb's most versatile pieces for your outdoor collection. Soft with stretch, this high performance, superlight Merino Wool has unique thermal properties, meaning the shirt is warmer in cold weather, but cooler in hot weather. As a bonus, wool's anti-microbial properties make this top nearly 'stink-proof'. Learn More

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