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Climb High is proud to offer the largest selection of US made climbing, camping and outdoor gear.

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  1. SALE

    Brooks Range: UltraLite Alpini Bivy Sack

    Regular Price: $179.00

    Special Price: $89.50

    Our UltraLite Alpini Bivy Sack is inspired by the elite Italian Alpine Corps. Formed in 1872, the Alpinis are the oldest active mountain infantry in the world, and to this day they are among the best trained and equipped mountain troops anywhere. 

The Brooks-Range Alpini is serves as a super-light, one-person bivy bag, with or without a sleeping bag. Cut large enough to accommodate most standard length sleeping bags, the Alpini is constructed with our ultralight, waterproof/breathable ripstop nylon specially designed and fabricated for Brooks-Range. The floor of this lightweight shelter is completely waterproof, made of durable coated ripstop nylon. A short zip simplifies entry, along with a deep cowl-cover over the head and an elastic drawcord closure. Highly compressible, the Alpini packs to half the size of a one liter bottle. 

"When you need an extremely lightweight, compressible shelter, the UltraLite Alpine Bivy Sack is the ideal choice." - WMB 

Made using the Brooks-Range UltraLite 20-denier rip-stop nylon fabric. Unique integrated clam-shell storage stuff bag included. Untaped. Please Note: This is a sub-zero bivy bag, not suitable for use in sustained rainfall or wet conditions. Made in USA Learn More
  2. Artist Red
    Artist Red

    DOLOMITE: Banner Chalk Bag


    Square bottom, round top. Our chalkbag design keeps it upright on the ground when you're working out that tough problem, and wide open when you're climbing longer routes. Each bag has a unique, fun look with different fleece fabrics on the inside, colorful trim, and a distinct skin. Comes with a waist belt and toothbrush holder. Our "up-cycled" chalk bags use actual vinyl banners that would've ended up in a landfill! Learn More
  3. Yellow

    Dolomite: Cordura Chalk Bag


    Square bottom, round top. Our chalkbag design keeps it upright on the ground when you're working out that tough problem, and wide open when you're climbing longer routes. Each bag has a unique, fun look with different fleece fabrics on the inside, colorful trim, and a distinct skin. Comes with a waist belt and toothbrush holder. Learn More
  4. Omega Pack
    Omega Pack

    FIGURE FOUR: Omega Pack


    The Ω (Omega) Pack's 50 L capacity has enough volume to carry supplies to camp, yet can still be compressed down to a light-and-fast alpine summit backpack, making it one of the premier mountaineering backpacks. As one of the best mountain climbing backpacks, the Ω Pack is designed specifically for scrambling and climbing peaks by combining a low profile and durable construction. Exclusive features such as a climbing harness compatible hip belt (patent pending), a shoulder harness and lid that combine together into a small summit pack with the option of attaching removable gear slings, and hybrid ice axe loops designed to carry either a traditional ice axe or modern ice tool allow the user to focus on the route and surroundings rather than their pack (scroll over picture to see the features and browse tabs at bottom of page for more information and Demo videos on one of the best mountain climbing backpacks available; demo videos can also be found here). Sizing info can be found here, including where to measure. Learn More
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    FIVE TEN: Anasazi LV Women


    Narrow feet? No problem. Five Ten Anasazi LV stands for Low Volume—the shoe is built for people with narrow feet and low insteps. The LV last mimics the typically narrower female foot by providing a narrower and slightly longer toe box, a higher arch, a lower instep and a lower heel cup. The fitted heel cup and no-stretch Cowdura™ synthetic upper work with the high-friction Stealth® C4™ outsole to ensure the highest coefficient of edging performance and smearing ability. Learn More
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    FIVE TEN: Anasazi MoccAsym


    Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsym is for climbers who swear by the Mocc for nearly 20 years. The reason? The shoe delivers performance, comfort and that certain sangfroid. The Moccasym™ is a fixture in every elite athlete’s bag of tricks; some swear by it for bouldering, others for long climbs in Squamish or Yosemite. Learn More
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    FIVE TEN: Anasazi VCS-2012


    The Five Ten Anasazi VCS is designed for the 5.10 to 5.16 climber, the VCS is an icon in the climbing world. The VCS’s easy-on and easy-off design is only part of the reason this is the world’s top-selling performance shoe. As for the rest of the story, the shoe climbs like a spider monkey—there’s no stopping its upward progress. With a sensitive Stealth® Onyxx™ outsole that feels the rock and won’t let go, the VCS continues to be a must-have shoe for serious climbers. Learn More
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    FIVE TEN: Anasazi Verde


    Five Ten Anasazi Verde is a performance shoe that you can wear on more than one pitch. The Anasazi Verde thrives on long sessions at the gym and challenging sport climbs. Designed for 5.10 to 5.16 climbers, the Verde has a moderately stiff midsole, a Stealth® Onyxx™ outsole, and excellent edging power. Learn More
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    FIVE TEN: Arrowhead


    Five Ten's Elite team raves about the Arrowhead’s fit and performance. Built on our 4G Anasazi last, you’ll instantly feel the difference in the casually down-turned toe and heel cup that grips without pinching. The upper is a supple, breathable Cowdura™ that molds to the foot. The toe rand is made of extremely durable, high-friction Mystique™ rubber and the Onyxx™ outsole is the benchmark in edging performance. Climbing Magazine: Editors Choice Award Urban Climbing Magazine: Editors Choice Award Learn More
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    FIVE TEN: Coyote Lace-Up


    Five Ten Coyote made with all-leather uppers and Stealth® C4™ outsoles packed into this entrylevel priced shoe, the Coyote Lace-Up, like the VCS, provides guaranteed out-of-the-box comfort and performance. Perfect for beginners to advanced Intermediates, the Coyote Lace-up is an all-around performer. Learn More
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    FIVE TEN: Coyote VCS Canvas


    The Five Ten Coyote VCS is all about performance and comfort. This lined canvas climbing shoe forms to the foot, with no deadspace and no hotspots. Designed for entry level to advanced intermediate, the Coyote VCS is an all-around performer, as at home on desert towers as in an urban climbing gym. Learn More
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    FIVE TEN: Dragon


    Five Ten Dragon is designed by climbing legends Fred Nicole and Dave Graham as the ultimate bouldering shoe, the Dragon has firmly established itself as the foot-tool of choice for The World’s Greatest Athletes™. Our acclaimed Stealth® HF™ rubber is super-sticky for pulling up under overhangs or throwing a heel hook. The Dragon fits like a glove and provides precision edging and power. Learn More
  13. Hueco

    FIVE TEN: Hueco-2013


    Five Ten Hueco - When the choice between comfort and performance tug you in two directions, the Hueco is the perfect balance. Top-quality split-grain leather and reinforced side stitching increase the shoe’s durability, while at the same time, this all-day performer is versatile, comfortable and has a great fit. We who climbed in the original Hueco stand up and cheer! Learn More
  14. Side

    FIVE TEN: Rogue


    Five Ten Rouge is an affordable performance shoe designed to take climbers from the gym to the rocks. Dual Velcro® brand closures keep the shoe snug while 5.10®’s perforated upper provides excellent breathability. If you’re looking for comfort and control with a precise fit and performance materials, the Rogue will take you to the next level. No frills, no custom colors. Learn More
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    FIVE TEN: Siren Women-2012


    Five Ten Siren is bold, wild and beautiful. The new Siren climbs with unrivaled strength and precision. The lightweight lace-up has out-of-the-box comfort and an amazing fit. It’s designed for all-around performance, from faces to cracks to indoor bouldering. With a perforated mesh upper, not only does the Siren keep your feet nearly 20% cooler than most other climbing shoes, it fits better too. Great choice for the female climber who wants a comfortable shoe that performs well bothinside and out. Learn More

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