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Rock Climbing Protection at Climb High Outdoor Gear

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  1. Big Bors
    Big Bors

    Trango Big Bros


    Trango Big Bros offer phenomenal versatility in fist size and offwidth cracks. The expanding tube chock design provides a strong, lightweight, and stable protection that is almost impossible to dislodge as you move by them. With their wide expansion range Trano Big Bros can offer a greater range than traditional cams. A must have for crack heads. Learn More
  2. Wedgie Set 1-13
    Wedgie Set 1-13

    OMEGA PACIFIC: Wedgie Set 1-13


    Wedgies are built with a double-taper to fit slight flares and more typical cracks alike. Available individually or in sets, each is extruded and machined from 6000-series, aircraft-quality aluminum alloy and anodized for instant identification on your rack. Slung with strong, braided steel cable, they’re built for years of use. Learn More
  3. Omeg Pacific Link Cams
    Omeg Pacific Link Cams

    OMEGA PACIFIC: Link Cams


    Building on a revolutionary concept from legendary gear designer, Greg Lowe, Link Cams operate on a simple concept of trisecting a cam lobe so that, as the device is retracted, the cam unfolds and permits an amazing range for a unit of its size. Utilizing a reliable, single-axle design and with a camming ratio of over 2.5:1, Link Cams provide more range per size than any other spring-loaded camming device available! Extended range means you can leave the ground with fewer pieces on your rack; no more doubling up on pieces you think you “might” need if you’re unsure where, exactly, you’ll need doubles of one particular piece. Likewise, for backcountry climbers, it means packing in less gear. And as a “crux piece” you need RIGHT NOW, Link Cam’s large range increases your odds of picking the right size the first time you go to your rack. Mechanically-speaking, Link Cams are as innovative as the concept behind their design. Built with a hybrid blend of materials and advanced MIM process, Link Cams are the most sophisticated and modern camming devices in the world. The two, inner links on each lobe unit are built by a modern process known as Metal-Injection-Molding which permits us to create detailed, precision pieces—like casting—with increased strength and are made from 17-4 aircraft stainless steel. The outer link is machined from 7000-series aluminum alloy. Learn More
  4. Caranut Tool
    Caranut Tool

    OMEGA PACIFIC: Caranut Tool


    Nut Tools are the unsung heroes on your rack. Most climbers don’t think of them until they really need one–and then they could mean the difference between keeping your favorite gear or donating it to some stranger. We’ve built one of the most unique, most copied, reliable designs ever offered. Made from powder–coated 4130–chromoly steel and equipped with a built–in carabiner gate (the first ever), the Caranut Tool easily clips to your harness while climbing, yet remains immediately accessible. Learn More
  5. Melolius Ultralight TCU Cams
    Melolius Ultralight TCU Cams

    Metolius: Ultralight TCU Sets


    All the great features of Metolius Ultralight TCU cams with the savings of Bulk buying! The Metolius Ultralight TCU are known for their lightweight, ease of placements and durability. Sets come in 00-4 and 1-4 sizes. Learn More
  6. Metolius: Ultralight TCU
    Metolius: Ultralight TCU

    Metolius: Ultralight TCU


    The Metolius Ultralight TCU is one of the lightest camming device. Ideal for a light rack on alpine and long trad routes. Metolius TCU provides greater control during placements and exceptional durability with its U-shaped design and Direct Axle Technology. Learn More
  7. Melolius Offset TCU
    Melolius Offset TCU

    Metolius: Offset TCU


    Metolius Offset TCU's excel in funky flared cracks. With the TCU Offset design, you can be confident the cam will produce maximum hold where other cams can't. Learn More
  8. Metolius Offset Master Cam
    Metolius Offset Master Cam

    Metolius: Offset Master Cam


    The Metolius Offset Master Cam is perfect for flaring placements. It offers a narrow head, as well as all the other benefits of a single stem unit. Learn More
  9. Metolius Master Cam
    Metolius Master Cam

    Metolius: Master Cam


    Metolius Master Cam is a must have in your rack. The Master Cam is ideal for some the hardest placements on cracks. With its flexible stem and wide range of sizes, the Master Cam will help you send your route. Learn More
  10. Metolius Ultralight Curve Hex Set  #5-10
    Metolius Ultralight Curve Hex Set  #5-10

    Metolius Ultralight Curve Hex Set


    The Metolius Alpine Curve Hex set comes with the ideal sized hexes for alpine and trad rouges. Providing the range of traditional cams at a fraction of the cost and weight. Color coded tubing and slings make the Metolius Alpine Curve set a must have in your rack. Learn More
  11. Metolius Rap Hanger-Gray
    Metolius Rap Hanger-Gray

    Metolius Rap Hanger


    The Metolius Rap Hanger is great for belay and rappel anchors. It's color powder-coating blends well into the surroundings, and can be threaded with the rope and lowered from directly. Learn More
  12. Metolius Enviro Hanger-Black
    Metolius Enviro Hanger-Black

    Metolius Enviro Hanger


    The Metolius Enviro Hanger is the powder -coated version of the S.S Bolt Hanger to blend in with the rock. This bolt offers rounder edges so not to damage carabiners and 304 stainless steel. The Metolius Enviro Hanger comes in a variety of colors: Gray, Red Rock, Sandstone and Black Learn More
  13. SALE
    Wired Hex Set #4-10
    Wired Hex Set #4-10

    Black Diamond: Wired Hex Set #4-10

    Regular Price: $104.95

    Special Price: $89.21

    Black Diamond Wired Hex Set #4-10 comes with wired Hexes No. 4-10 racked on an OvalWire carabiner. Classic, simple, lightweight, functional pro, Black Diamond Hexes shine in rapidly widening cracks where cams might walk out. With a subtly asymmetrical cross-section, flat sides and slight end-wise taper, they offer three different widths when turned on their axes and another when placed end-wise. Easy to rack and place in bottlenecks, Hexes come equipped with durable, galvanized steel cables. Wide range of placements in all conditions of climbing 6061 T-6 aluminum with swaged cables Learn More
  14. SALE
    Stopper Set Pro #1-13
    Stopper Set Pro #1-13

    Black Diamond: Stopper Set Pro #1-13

    Regular Price: $114.95

    Special Price: $97.71

    The Black Diamond Stopper Set Pro comes with a full set of all sizes of Stoppers on a Micron carabiner to protect everything from tip seams to finger cracks. Black Diamond Stoppers are an essential for every trad rack, designed with a transverse taper that permits sideways placements in flares and shallow seams. Anodized by size, they're quickly identifiable and rounded edges make for easy removal. Each Stopper is equipped with a durable, galvanized steel cable. -Durable aluminum heads and steel cables -Transverse taper is versatile in flares, constrictions and parallel cracks -Rounded edges for easy cleaning (smaller sizes are straight for better surface contact) **Sizes 1 and 2 are for direct aid only** Learn More
  15. SALE
    Black Diamond Nut Tool
    Black Diamond Nut Tool

    Black Diamond: Nut Tool

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price: $8.46

    Unstick fused nuts, retrieve buried cams and leave the route booty-free with our lightweight Nut Tool. Lightweight, chromoly steel Learn More

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