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Protect your vision with top quality eyewear from Julbo at Climb High

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  1. Trek

    Julbo: Trek


    Julbo Trek's mission is simple: to achieve optimum performance while moving fast in extreme environments by providing highly technical, yet lightweight eyewear. For those committed to the outdoors via mountaineering, climbing and trail running, the Trek is the perfect combination of technical mountaineering principles and lightweight performance ergonomics. Detachable shields block lateral rays from intense glare as well as offer superior ventilation when necessary. Julbo's Flex Nose design and 360 degrees adjustable temples provide optimum hold. It's available with either the Camel or Zebra lens for optimal visibility and protection against intense sunlight from desert to glacier conditions. Purely Julbo. Learn More
  2. Green / Grey
    Green / Grey

    Julbo: Tensing


    The Julbo Tensing provides mountaineers the choice they need when looking fro protective eyewear. The ultra-wrap profile design guarantees maximum protection agains high altitude, as well as superior ventilation. The dual injected frame strategically combines a strong outer material with highly flexible inner design for comfort agains the face. Learn More
  3. MonteRosa

    JULBO: MonteRosa


    Julbo MonteRosa is Feminine, from mountain peaks to city streets. For those ladies who explore the summits yet also enjoy the hustle and bustle of urban life. Julbo presents the MonteRosa, with removable shields, high protection lenses and a curved ergonomic shape, the MoneRosa offers adaptability, versatility and complete protection. Learn More
  4. Montebianco

    JULBO: Montebianco


    Julbo MonteBianco's stylish, curved temples provide maximum coverage, whether cruising around town or climbing Mount Rainier. Removable side shields provide optimal versatility. Available with the Spectron 4 lens or the polarazing, anti-fog, photochromic Camel lens. Learn More
  5. Micorpores

    Julbo: Micropores


    Julbo Micropores boasts mineral lenses, a metal frame, leather side shields and nosepiece, the Micropores remains the standard in mountain exploration. With complete coverage, perfect hold and absolute comfort, you can set your sights on any summit. Learn More
  6. Explorer XL
    Explorer XL

    JULBO: Explorer XL


    Julbo’s top-of-the-line mountaineering sunglass, the Explorer XL has a larger frame than the regular Explorer. Learn More
  7. Explorer

    JULBO: Explorer


    Julbo’s top-of-the-line mountaineering sunglass, the Explorer is designed to perform superiorly in high altitude environments, where mountaineers are overly susceptible to eye damage from sun and reflections. Lenses: for protection from high-altitude sunlight, Explorer is available with either the Camel polarized, photochromic, anti-fog lens; the glass Alt Arc 4 lens; or the Spectron 4 lens. Camel® lens: Polarized + Photochromic + antifog treatment. Protection is progressive from Cat. 3 to 4 according to sunlight. Removable shells: highwrap. Learn More
  8. Bivouak

    JULBO: Bivouak


    Julbo's new Bivouak — the world's first sunglasses with magnetic protective shields. Add the magnetic side shields to increase protection against enhanced light reflection, on snow for example, or remove them for regular use. Outdoor sports have met their match with the Bivouak, offering solar protection for any condition. Wide lenses offer optimal coverage. The magnetic side shields are easy to handle, fast to adapt and very durable. Learn More

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