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Climbing Ropes

At Climb High we understand that every rock climber is only as safe as the knowledge and climbing ropes they bring with them. It is our goal to provide the most quality products so that you don't have to worry about the durability, all of our Petzl climbing ropes are treated with Duratec Dry treatment which makes them weather resistant and less prone to wear and tear. We also carry Edelweiss climbing ropes and New England climbing ropes as well as safety equipment to make your climbing adventures fun and safe.

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  1. ARC (Orange): Bi-Pattern
    ARC (Orange): Bi-Pattern

    Edelweiss Energy Everdry 9.5mm Rope


    The Edelweiss Energy Rope is dedicated to pure performance for climbers at the top level. Extremely light with ultra smooth HD cover technology. A true modern sport climbing rope made for long and hard routes Options: -Single Color pattern: Blue and Orange -ARC (Orange) Bi-Pattern to help find midpoint easily -ARC Everdry (Orange): Bi-Battern and Ever Dry Treatment - 60, 70 & 80 Meters Learn More
  2. EdelweissElement II 10.2mm Rope
    EdelweissElement II 10.2mm Rope

    EdelweissElement II 10.2mm Rope


    The Element II is the new standard for the ultimate versatile rope. Sport and trad climbing, major alpine routes or big walls, the Element II has the safety features and performance features for all round success in your climbing endeavors. Features HD Cover technology and is available with ARC bipattern weave or with Super Everdry. Learn More
  3. Petzl Dragonfly Dynamic Climbing Rope
    Petzl Dragonfly Dynamic Climbing Rope

    Petzl: Dragonfly Rope 8.2mm


    8.2mm half rope with Duratec Dry treatment Besides being one of the lightest half ropes on the market, Petzl’s DRAGONFLY is also durable, with over a third of its fiber content in the sheath. Perfect for ice and alpine climbing, mountaineering and wandering rock routes. Duratec Dry treatment helps prevent the rope from absorbing water – which can weaken a rope and make it difficult to handle in freezing conditions. Before a Petzl rope is constructed, the core and sheath strands are individually treated, providing water repellencty in case you find yourself in a deluge, snowfield or on a dripping ice chandelier. All Petzl ropes are butterfly coiled in the factory and are ready to use straight out of the package. This coiling method means no more tangled mess when you first use your new rope. Gone is the tedious operation of carefully uncoiling, flaking and reflaking your new rope, only to end up with annoying kinks. With a Petzl rope, just tie-in and start climbing. To help facilitate descents, the middle of each Petzl cord is marked with a black bar. Even with this marking, it’s sometimes a good idea to tie a knot at the end of the rope as an additional safety measure. Learn More
  4. Singing Rock Urna Leg Rope Bag


    The Rab Summit Superite Bivi is a superlight shelter made from highly breathable Exchange Lite eVent fabric. Great for mountaineering and extreme conditions. Learn More

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