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Carabiners & Quickdraws

Top-quality carabiners and quick draws at Climb High Outdoor Gear.

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  1. SALE
    Hoodwire Quickpack
    Hoodwire Quickpack

    Black Diamond: Hoodwire Quickpack

    Regular Price: $115.95

    Special Price: $81.17

    The Black Diamond HoodWire Quickpack gives you six of our HoodWire Quickdraws, now with hot-forged HoodWire carabiners on both the top and bottom. From overhanging clip-ups to frigid alpine ridges, the HoodWire biner's metal hood eliminates snags when cleaning, and the wiregate design lowers the weight and resists freezing in winter conditions. The 14 mm Dynex dogbone provides a light, durable connection, and the StraitjacketTM insert ensures the bottom biner stays in the optimal clipping position. Learn More
  2. SALE
    Nitron QD
    Nitron QD

    Black Diamond: Nitron Quickdraw 12 cm

    Regular Price: $18.95

    Special Price: $13.27

    Our premier full keylock quickdraw for snag-free clipping and cleaning, the Black Diamond Nitron Quickdraw features two 100% hot-forged Nitron carabiners and a lightweight, durable 14 mm Dynex™ dogbone. Ergonomic, hot-forged gates make for easy clipping on either the bolt or rope end, and the keylock noses eliminate the hassle when cleaning steep routes. We also included a Straitjacket dogbone insert to keep the bottom biner in the optimal clipping position. Learn More
  3. Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw
    Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw

    Black Diamond: Oz Quickdraw


    Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw now features the snag-free benefits of our HoodWire Technology, making it ideal for trimming ounces on all-day gear routes and marathon sport pitches. Featuring hot-forged Oz carabiner on the top and bottom as well as a lightweight 12 cm (4.7 in) Dynex dogbone, this draw shines on alpine missions and any climb where a light rack is crucial to the send. The Oz's patent-pending stainless steel wire hood brings keylock functionality to wiregate carabiners and makes for hassle-free clipping and cleaning. Learn More
  4. SALE
    Black Diamond Positron Quickdraw
    Black Diamond Positron Quickdraw

    Black Diamond: Positron Quickdraw

    Regular Price: $15.95

    Special Price: $11.17

    Black Diamond Positron Quickdraw comes with two Positron carabiners and a lightweight 14 mm Dynex™ dogbone, the Positron Quickdraw is a top value in full keylock functionality. The light, smooth-clipping design eliminates snags whether you're cranking on sport routes or extending gear placements, and the integrated Straitjacket insert keeps the bottom biner in the optimal clipping position. Comes in two sizes 12 cm and 18 cm Learn More
  5. Dash Rack Pack
    Dash Rack Pack

    OMEGA PACIFIC: Dash Quickdraw Pack


    The key to a quickdraw is the carabiner. Dash quickdraws use a lightweight, full strength wire gate that's burly enough to withstand years of serious use, yet light enough to never hold you back. With nearly a full inch of gate clearance, clipping is a snap and, at 34gm, the Dash is lean. We build it from full-sized, high-strength 3/8" aircraft grade aluminum, so it's built to take the punishment that might cripple other anorexic 'biners. Whether it's the unpredictable alpine routes in the world's remotest places or a roadside crag close to home, the Dash is the right biner for the job! No longer considered appropriate solely for sport climbs or “clip-ups,” quickdraws have become standard equipment on almost every climber’s rack. Crack climbers, trad climbers and ice climbers alike all agree that they’re time-savers and a vital piece of the climbing system. Used to reduce rope drag and to prevent accidental dislodging of protection on the lead, quickdraws are specialized pieces of equipment that come in a variety of styles, lengths and with varying types of carabiners dedicated to either end. We orient our carabiners on all our standard quickdraws with the gates facing opposite each other. We feel that this is the safestmethod to minimize the possibility of simultaneously loading both carabiners in a gate-open position while leading routes which may wander above and to the left or right of your last placement. Under certain circumstances, it is possible for both gates to open during a fall as the ‘draw is scraped along the rock while it orients iteself below the point of protection. By opposing the carabiners on a draw, we reduce the possibility of simultaneous gate-opening in this manner. Learn More
  6. SuperFly Wire/Wire
    SuperFly Wire/Wire

    Trango SuperFly Wire Gate QuickDraw


    The Trango SuperFly Quickdraw is perfect for those looking to shave grams so they can send their projects. Made with ultralight Trango Carabiners, the SuperFly Quickdraw gives you the perfect combination of strength and lightweight. Comes with a 5" UltraTape speed draw made from a Dynemma/Nylon weave producing one of strongest, lightweight, durable slings around. Learn More

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