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Shop and browse the best Climbing Gear brands. Black Diamond Climbing, Petzl, Metolius, Trango and more. Climb High has all the climbing gear you need to stay racked up! Shop for ropes, climbing harnesses, carabiners, climbing shoes, we have it all! Have fun and stay safe out there!

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Organic Climbing Jeans - Blue Denim - Made in the USA

Organic Climbing: Jeans

Organic Climbing Jeans are 100% grown and sewn in the USA. Made with a...
Petzl - Rapelling Gear / Belay Device - Grey

Petzl: Reverso 4

Petzl REVERSO 4 Ultra-light (59 g) multi-purpose belay/rappel device...
Petzl Selena Women's Climbing Harness-Violet/Gray

Petzl: Selena Harness

Women's harness with elastic leg loops As the women's version of the...
24cm Nylon Sling - Petzl - Green

Petzl: St’Anneau Slings

Dyneema sling: A lighter alternative to the all-nylon slings, these...

practical: Canyon Stripes Chalk Bag

bag has a black cordura bottom for durability and water-resistance. lined...
Lime & Black

practical: Halfsies Chalk Bags

practical: Halfsies Chalk Bags Bag has a black cordura bottom for durability...

practical: Hemp Chalk Bag

the outer shell of these bags is made from strong, sustainable 100% hemp....

practical: Henna Chalk Bag

practical climbing Henna chalk bag

practical: Kid’s Assorted Chalk Bag

kids climb too! 
our kid-sized bags are made with tiny climber's hands...
Neon Skully

practical: Neon Skully Chalk Bag

spooky scary. bag has a black cordura bottom for durability and water-resistance....

practical: Sari Chalk Bag

these gorgeous bags are made from repurposed sari remnants that we get...

practical: Scroll Chalk Bag

practical climbing Scroll chalk bag
Tsunami Relief: Kawaii Madness

practical: Tsunami Relief Chalk Bag Kawaii-Madnes Chalk Bag

let your love of climbing help bring relief to those who have been affected...
Big Bors

Trango Big Bros

Trango Big Bros offer phenomenal versatility in fist size and offwidth...
SuperFly Wire/Wire

Trango SuperFly Wire Gate QuickDraw

The Trango SuperFly Quickdraw is perfect for those looking to shave grams...

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