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Shop and browse the best Climbing Gear brands. Black Diamond Climbing, Petzl, Metolius, Trango and more. Climb High has all the climbing gear you need to stay racked up! Shop for ropes, climbing harnesses, carabiners, climbing shoes, we have it all! Have fun and stay safe out there!

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  1. Edelweiss Curve 9.8mm Rope

    The Curve rope is fluid, light and durable. All performance characteristics have been optimized for your progression to a higher level of climbing. Optimal diameter for sport and trad cragging. Very low impact force for safety on critical moves. The right balance of great handling and durability with HD Cover technology. Learn More
  2. ARC (Orange): Bi-Pattern
    ARC (Orange): Bi-Pattern

    Edelweiss Energy Everdry 9.5mm Rope


    The Edelweiss Energy Rope is dedicated to pure performance for climbers at the top level. Extremely light with ultra smooth HD cover technology. A true modern sport climbing rope made for long and hard routes Options: -Single Color pattern: Blue and Orange -ARC (Orange) Bi-Pattern to help find midpoint easily -ARC Everdry (Orange): Bi-Battern and Ever Dry Treatment - 60, 70 & 80 Meters Learn More
  3. Edelweiss Extrem II 9mm Double Rope


    Durable workhorse half rope system. Top performance in difficult conditions. At 9mm it is a tough rope suitable for professional use yet is supple and offers a low impact force for safety. Learn More
  4. Edelweiss Helium 7.9mm Twin Rope


    Finesse and fluidity are the key characteristics of this twin rope system for top level climbing. A great hand, low impact force, light weight and legendary Edelweiss durability are all features that will have you raving on the approach, climb and the extra long decent raps afforded by using the twin rope system. Learn More
  5. Edelweiss Lithium 8.5mm Half Rope


    The newest Perform 3 rope from Edelweiss. The Lithium is built with outstanding durability and weight for alpinism, ice and snow and on rock. For the big mountains choose the Supereverdry option for unparalleled performance in all conditions. Learn More
  6. Edelweiss Magnetic 11mm Dry Rope


    There's nothing like knowing you're safely tied into a burly line when working that project, which is why the Edelweiss Magnetic 11mm SuperEverDry Climbing Rope is ideal for safety-minded vertical athletes. The Magnetic offers an impact force of just 8kN, so you know that this rough-and-tumble rope gives you a gentle ride when the crux sends you off into space. Learn More
  7. Edelweiss Oxygen II 8.2mm - Choose Red or Blue
    Edelweiss Oxygen II 8.2mm - Choose Red or Blue

    Edelweiss Oxygen II 8.2mm Half Rope


    Superb quality and performance in the perfect half rope system. Supereverdry treatment on every fiber of the rope core and sheath. HD Cover for exceptional lifespan. Very light weight high performing rope for long and demanding mountaineering routes. Learn More
  8. Axis



    The Edelweiss Axis 10.3mm EverDry Rope is an elegant compromise between a fatter workhorse rope and an ultra-thin redpoint and onsight rope. Classic supple Edelweiss handling is the first thing youll notice when you pick up this cord. The weight, or lack thereof, relative to its diameter will be the second thing you notice. Climb on it for a few weeks or months, and youll really take note of this ropes fantastic abrasion and fall durability and its precision-clipping agility. Thanks in part to the Perdur abrasion-resistant coating, the EverDry hydrophobic and dirt-repellent coating, and of course in large part due to Edelweiss years of applied technology and experience in weaving ropes, this line should share a long and productive life with you. If youre constantly climbing at a high standard, whether in the gym, at the sport crag, or on traditional gear, this rope needs to be your staple line. Comes in 60m and 70m lengths. Learn More
  9. Axis II
    Axis II

    EDELWEISS: Axis II 10.2mm


    The 2.0 version of the popular Axis rope. The Axis II embodies the Perform 3 features. Improved flexibility and handling with HD Cover. Improved energy absorption with lower impact forces on you and your protection. Reduction in weight for increased performance on route. The Axis II is Everdry treated. Everdry is polymerized to each fiber in the sheath for performance over the lifetime of the rope. Also comes in ARC bipattern weave option. Learn More
  10. Blue



    Edelweiss Sharp 8.5mm Super EverDry is a half rope that pulls its weight--and then some.Many traditional, alpine, and ice climbers prefer a set of half-ropes to just one rope. The advantages include reduced rope drag in wandering situations, longer rappels, and less weight. Some climbers consider the thinner diameter of half ropes to be a disadvantage in certain situations as it makes the rope more sensitive to abrasion and being cut when running over sharp edges; Edelweiss, however, provides an elegant solution to this problem with their Sharp Edge Resistant Ropes. Where most conventional ropes fail when drop tested over a 0.75mm edge radius, the Sharp Ropes remain intact. All Edelweiss Sharp Ropes come standard with the Super EverDry and Perdur treatments the Super EverDry treatment gives both the sheath and the core of the rope a hydrophobic coating, and the Perdur treatment means this rope is 33% more abrasion resistant than untreated ropes of the same diameter. Wow! Comes in 60m Learn More
  11. EdelweissElement II 10.2mm Rope
    EdelweissElement II 10.2mm Rope

    EdelweissElement II 10.2mm Rope


    The Element II is the new standard for the ultimate versatile rope. Sport and trad climbing, major alpine routes or big walls, the Element II has the safety features and performance features for all round success in your climbing endeavors. Features HD Cover technology and is available with ARC bipattern weave or with Super Everdry. Learn More

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