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Headlamps & Lanterns

A great selection of headlamps and lighting gear from Black Diamond, PETZL, Icon and more at Climb High Outdoor Gear.

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  1. Compact Lantern
    Compact Lantern

    SOTO: Compact Refill Lantern


    The Soto Compact Refill Lantern is simply the best lantern you can find. Comes with a refill tank and a fuel tool. Use with regular mantle or without mantle. Works like a candle. Installed with Foldable Stabilizer. Case included. Learn More
  2. SOTO: Fill Adaptor


    The Soto Fill Adaptor for Butane Gas Install this Fill Adaptor to Butane canister for refilling. Good for gas lighter or lantern. A guard is installed to protect the tip. Learn More

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